Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Google Places Pictures: Idea from New Book

Earlier I gave a review of this new book on how to set up Google Places and how to create the best chance to get great rankings on Google Places.  Today I want to give you another reason to spend 99¢ and get your Kindle copy of this book.  SEO for Google Places – The Secret To Crushing Your Competition with Local SEO and Google Places offered a few good ideas that I hadn't heard before.

One of those ideas had to do with the use of the pictures.  I had heard others suggest using the pictures to offer a special offer.  But now came another idea.  Take a snippet of a testimonial, turn it into a picture and put that up.  I think that is a very cool idea to increase conversions.

That resulted in my own creative juices getting started.  Why not use for other kinds of pitches.  "Lowest prices guaranteed."  "Best Selection in Chicagoland."  "30 Years in Lincoln."  You could do these as power point slides or pdf's.  But you could literally create a sign in the store and then take a picture of it. 

I have a client with a bike shop in Los Angeles that undoubtedly has the biggest inventory of any bike shop in Los Angeles County.  So there is a great use for the sign. 

Let me know if you have other ideas of how to use these pictures.  Or send me an example of something that has worked for you.

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