Monday, May 28, 2012

The WSJ has done an outstanding job here of pointing out the scope and consequences of the recent changes by Google search.  If you are in the trenches on this as a consultant or as a business owner, you will get a much better picture of the complexity of the Google Places and Google everything search.

As Google Tweaks Searches, Some Get Lost in the Web

"Keep track of changes to Google's algorithms by following its Webmaster Central Blog. Content is king. Make sure your website has original and accurate information. Google places the greatest value on sites providing the best possible user experience.Wall Street Journal"
We have employed only white hat approaches at Randy Kirk and Associates up until February of 2012.  In February we experimented with some inexpensive backlinking approaches.  We saw some great improvements until Venice and Penguin hit.  These wiped out our improvements in most cases, but because our underlying work was so strong, none of our clients got truely slapped.
In fact some clients that are now vying for positions in highly contested territory, like our computer consulting client in LA, are seeing steady major improvements with strong white hat backlinking and citation approaches.
Tell us about your experiences since these big changes took place?  What new have you learned that is helping you improve your Google Places rankings?

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