About Us

Part-time VP of Marketing for 21 Companies

*Creating, Optimizing SEO, Managing, and Updating Internet Content

*Traditional Marketing of all types including Signage, Print, Radio, PR, and more

*Product Development, Distribution, Pricing, Packaging, launches

  Let's start with Online Marketing.  When we create content on the media platforms below, you will get the benefit for many YEARS!

  • Website development
  • Blogs and posts
  • YouTube videos
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Google+ page
  • Pinterest creation  
Unlike Adwords, Facebook ads, mailings, or print, you don't keep paying for the same content to reach the same audience month after month.  This doesn't mean that there isn't a place for short term ads or promotions in your marketing approach.  It does mean that the greatest return on investment will come from these longer lasting media efforts.

Google Says that Unique, Relevant Content is King?  Should We Argue with Google?

 You will still have plenty of phone calls, emails, and other solicitations suggesting that your road to greater sales and profits will come from backlinks or other SEO techniques that are - well - so last week.  In the fast paced world of internet visibility, the black hat methods rarely last.  Content has always been king, and right at this moment, content is also queen, jack and 10.

We do the writing for you!
  • I am a published author of 8 business books and countless magazine articles.
  • I oversee all content created by our team of talented writers
  • You always have last say on what we do and don't publish
  • We have created over 2000 online videos for businesses
  • We have designed and done SEO for 100's of websites
  • We currently oversee 30+ blogs
  • We are experts in Google Places, Google+, LinkedIn, & Pinterest

We would Love to Help You Create a Huge Following

Give us 4 months and with your help we will work towards establishing 1000's of views per month of your online content plus the following:
  1. 1000+ relevant emails in your data base with monthly emails to the list
  2. 500+ relevant B2B or B2C connections on LinkedIn 
  3. Thousands of relevant Linked in members seeing your daily posts in groups
  4. 50,000+ views per year of your YouTube videos
  5. 500+ seeing your daily content on Google+
  6. 6,000+ or more page views per MONTH of your blog content
  7. Website and Google Places rankings for critical keywords on page 1.
  8. And tons more offline direction and advice.
BIG DEAL!  This content will be bringing results years from now.  If you continue to use our services in beyond the four months,  we will just add an entire new layer of followers and content that folks will view.

Call us today.  All this and way, way more for less than $1000 per month.  310-910-1848  Here is a complete breakdown on all services we offer as part of our basic package.  FEBRUARY SPECIAL - The first three who call and mention this offer get all of our services for just $795 per month as long as you are a client.*

*This offer is based on a normal time requirement for execution of services. 90% of our clients fall within this level. 

Scope of Services

Traditional Marketing

1.     Print
a.     Magazine
b.     Newspaper
c.      Brochures
d.     Mailers
e.     Media evaluation
f.      Contract negotiation
g.     Campaign creation
h.     Ad design (art extra)
i.       Copywriting (extra)
j.       Analysis
k.     Tracking plans
2.     Trade Show
a.     Review of potential shows
b.     Analysis of potential
c.      Contract negotiation
d.     Booth design (extra)
e.     Pre show advertising to attendees
f.      In show methods for attracting attendance
g.     Methods for achieving show goals
h.     Work the booth (extra)
i.       Post show follow up
j.       Show evaluation
3.     Events
a.     Design of event
b.     Event management (may be extra)
c.      Pre event publicity (may be extra)
d.     Work the event (extra)
e.     Post event follow up
f.      Post event evaluation
4.     Product Development
a.     Brainstorming
b.     Concept invention
c.      Packaging
d.     Launch planning
5.     Distribution
a.     New market evaluation
b.     Cost analysis of entry into new market
c.      Planning
d.     Pricing and sales staff recommendations
6.     Radio, bus bench, signage, van wraps, other
a.     Recommendations for various approaches
b.     Negotiation with vendors
c.      Pricing
d.     Execution of plan
7.     Public Relations
a.     PR campaigns
b.     Reputation management
c.      New product releases
8.     Locations
a.     New location analysis
b.     Change of location planning
9.     Branding, names, logos
a.     Brainstorming
b.     Recommended methods for final decision
c.      Branding long term planning

Sales Staffing, Training, Motivation

1.     Sales staff planning
a.     Independent reps (1099)
b.     Rep groups
c.      In house sales
d.     Sales/service reps
2.     Hiring
3.     Training
4.     Incentives

Online Marketing

1.     Google Ranking
a.     Website SEO (execution extra)
b.     Website backlinks (some may be extra)
c.      Website design (extra)
d.     Citations (hundreds within 60 days)
e.     Google Places for Business expert
f.      Recommend methods for reviews
g.     Yelp reputation management
h.     Other tools for page 1 rankings
2.     YouTube
a.     Video shoot if within 1 hour of office (5 per month free)
b.     Editing and upload
c.      Twitter and other social media support
d.     Channel layout
3.     Blog
a.     Creation of Blogger or WP blog
b.     Layout and look
c.      Two posts per week normally
d.     Support from Twitter and other Social Media
e.     Expect 6k or more page views per month
4.     Email blasts
a.     Design template
b.     Write copy and layout
c.      Send one or more per month to lists
d.     Recommend methods for increasing lists
5.     Online PR
a.     Recommend free PR
b.     Can do paid PR as needed
c.      Write copy
6.     Linkedin
a.     Set up and/or optimize profile
b.     Tutorials on increasing connections
c.      Two per week updates on timeline
d.     Other uses for LI
7.     Twitter
a.     Set up automated campaigns
b.     Approximately 12 Tweets per day per month (after 6 months, 72 Tweets per day)
c.      Pictures, videos, animation open automatically
8.     Google+
a.     Set up page
b.     2 posts per week on average. Supports Google Places
9.     Facebook
a.     No FB work at this time
10.  Ebook
a.     Concepts
b.     Writing (extra)
c.      Design and layout (extra)
d.     Upload and support (may be extra)


1.     Profit and loss analysis
2.     New company launch
3.     Turnarounds
4.     Family succession issues
5.     Sale of the business
a.     Preparation for sale
b.     Finding good resources for sale
6.     Legal
a.     I cannot give legal advice, but can give business advice about legal matters.
7.     Personnel Issues
a.     Hiring
b.     Firing
c.      Motivation
d.     Problems
8.     Ownership motivation issues or decisions about overall direction


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