Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Major Google Places Changes on 11.1.11

Probably only 1000 people on the planet noticed this yesterday, but Google Places made a major changes to the way it shows results on the Everything (default) page in search.  However, the changes are so huge that it will effect every single business on the planet and everyone who is doing a search for a local small business.

The biggest take away on these changes for the small business owner is that they need to CLAIM their listings.  The disadvantage of having an unclaimed listing will continue to grow.

Next, you need to have a website or at least an excellent blog associated with that listing.  You are going to look more and more like a back alley business if you don't.

I will write a longer article on this later.  For now I have produced a quick video that tells the story way better than any article can.