Sunday, October 10, 2010

Google Places Problems? Google Places Having Lots of Problems. Experts Confounded

Google Places has been hammered with multiple problems starting in Mid September.  The sad part of the problems with Google Places is that they are impacting the best listings more than the so-so or poor listings.  Those who have gone to the most trouble to follow the rules are getting SLAPPED (yes that is a term of art regarding Google Places) with suspensions, or fighting off dupes, ghosts, and other problems. 

To make matters even worse, those who have added Google Places Tags to their listings seem, at least by some measures) to have been more likely than those who didn't add tags to be reviewed and placed under heightened scrutiny for minor offenses. 

Meanwhile in the Google supported forum and in other forums, blogs, and personal conversations among the punditry that has grown up around Google Places, there is frustration and hand ringing.  Consultants, including this one, are having to explain to new clients why their rankings have gone down or their listings disappeared altogether under our watch. 

Fortunately, as with most things Google, they seem to be slowly-but-surely getting things under control.  But there are still many businesses out there who don't even know that their situation was compromised.  If you find yourself wondering what happened and wondering what to do about these situations, we are now able to help at least 90% of the time.  We have set up a special service to deal with these issues.  For $100, we'll do a quick analysis of your listing and any issues you are facing.  We will give you direction on those things that are immediately correctable, and even do the work when it is a quick fix.

In much the same way as you might go for any diagnostic, the problems may be much more deep rooted than removing a Google no no.  If there is more to be done than can be handled for $100, we will also provide you with a recommendation for additional services.  The $100 will apply to any of our packages that you might select.