Monday, August 23, 2010

Local Business Review Sites Are Changing the Ways Your Customer is Making Decisions About Where to Shop

Need more business reviews?  Need one good review?  Do you already have a seriously negative review on Yelp?  All of these and more can have a major effect on your business.  Now it's to the rescue is ready for use.  We've been talking about the cute Orange Dog for some time now, but after a huge effort on the part of the entire team here at Page1Listings, we are breaking out the champagne. 

What is  It is an easy way for you, the small business owner or marketing manager or consultant to generate local business reviews, and yes, the Holy grail of business review sites, Google Places business reviews.  We send you the necessary html or images and links to put the ShoutDog logo and link on your website, blog, Facebook Fan Page, or email newsletter. 

When your clients see the ShoutDog logo it will be obvious that you would like them to help out with a review of your business.  Now the best part.  When they click on the ShoutDog, the will be linked to a page specifically constructed for your business with easy as 1, 2, 3 instructions for them to create those golden reviews.

You will have a unique page that will specifically point out the business review sites that you care about.  These can be the large local search engines and directories mentioned above, or industry specific sites like AVVA for lawyers, for restaurants, or tripadvisor for hotels.  All your customer needs to do is click on the link to these business review sites, and they will go directly to the very page where they can say wonderful things about you.

Go to right now and sign up.  The sooner you sign up the sooner you can start to see your star rising up on Google Places.  You do know that part of your ranking at Google Places is based on how many reviews you have.  AND, not only how many reviews you have at Google itself, but they also give you cred for having reviews on other directories.   What are you waiting for?

Did you know that when your potential customer visits CitySearch or SuperPages looking for the kinds of goods and services you provide, they are twice as likely to call you or click through to your website if there are positive reviews about you?  And the reviews themselves can be the motivation needed.   At only $19.95 per month, it will likely only take one person to visit you or call you because of these reviews to more than pay for the monthly subscription. Business Cards

Special Bonus to sign up NOW!  We will also send you 250 business cards like these.  You can hand these out to customers at check out or to friends and business associates at meetings or functions.  What an easy way to ask a favor:  "Please help me grow my business with a review."  We want to help you get those reviews.  We will be posting other ideas and suggestions for how to use your ShoutDog as a massive review generator.  Get your bonus.  Go to

We are positioning ShoutDog as a proactive online reputation tool.  You may have already experienced a negative review on one of these sites.  The best cure to one or two negative reviews is five or ten or 50 good ones. 

Or maybe you've never been "flamed."  A flame is a really bad review that is more commonly written by a disgruntled former employee or competitor that a really mad customer.  But it has the same effect.  The best way to get ahead of a future flame or other negative review.  Have multiple good reviews already posted.  Either way, the answer is