Saturday, June 29, 2013

New at Linkedin! Find Out Who Viewed Your Linkedin Profile

Find Out Who Is Checking You Out.  Might Be a Potential Customer, Employee, or Supplier

So, a hat tip to one of my favorite online resources, .  They posted that Linkedin has added a free feature to their tools to help you make more money.  You are now able to see the details of who has been looking at your profile. 

I immediately jumped on this.  You kind of feel like a spy.  So right away I see that a competitor of one of my new clients was checking me out.  Not sure how he knew I was now doing marketing consultation work for a home care service in Jupiter, FL, just know that he checked out my credentials. 

It was nice to see that a couple of potential clients were also reviewing me.  I had sent out an email to 2400 bike shops around the US.  This is my primary vertical with 40% of my clients being bicycle retailers.  So there were several from the list who had taken the extra step of reviewing my profile.

There were also the obvious ones.  I had sent out some invitations to connect.  I saw a few of those had potentially scratched their head, "Do I know this guy?" or "I see we have a lot of shared connections, but who the heck is he?"

I did see a few folks that potentially might want to sell me something.  While most of us are not that excited to have more sale people calling on us, sometimes that could be an important line or needed service. 

This service at Linkedin used to be something you paid for.  At least for now, it is free to use.  Maybe they want to get you hooked and then pull it away again.  I'd say, take the risk.  Go to your Linkedin home page.  Over on the right hand side you'll see "Whose viewed Your Profile."  And you also see the option to "see more."  When you click on the "see more," you'll go to a page with 90 days worth of who has been checking you out.  There are also some nice analytics for you to evaluate.  Things like keywords that led to folks seeing you in Linkedin Search. 

If you are in need of a marketing consultant to help you grow your business in sales and profits, please give a call.  We are a boutique company and handle only 20 clients at a time.  As of June 29, we are sold out, but are taking a waiting list.  Call now at 310-910-1848. 
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Monday, June 10, 2013

7 Steps to Blogging Perfection

From 150 a month to 2000 per month by doing these steps


200 Page Views a Day Is Possible if You Follow This 7 Step Approach

Here is is.  This is really all you need.  If you have any questions, post them in the comments on this page or any of the posts in this list.  There is no cost to any of this.  You won't find anything for sale except my services if you want them.  You can call anytime.  I answer the phone.
1.  See my post here on the perfect blog post
2.  See my post here on how long a post should be
3.  See my post here on how to write titles for blog posts
4.  See my post here on the use of images on blog posts 
5.  See my post here on using social media to promote your blog posts
6.  Be certain to use most recent posts, most popular posts, and recommended posts in the columns and under the post in order to keep people on your blog.
7.  Then see my post on how to use Twitter as a broadcast media

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Social Media Examinar Looks at Linkedin Contacts - They LOVE IT!

 How to Use the LinkedIn Contacts Feature

social media how toAre you looking for a smarter way to stay in touch with your most important business relationships?
What if you could store all of your contacts in one place?
Well now you can with LinkedIn Contacts.
In this article, you’ll discover how LinkedIn Contacts looks and take a tour through its features.

What is LinkedIn Contacts?

LinkedIn announced the new LinkedIn Contacts in April.
This new feature brings together all your address books, emails and calendars, and keeps them up to date in one place.
From these sources, LinkedIn will automatically pull in the details of your past conversations and meetings, and bring those details directly into your contact’s profile.
Contacts hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet, so you may have to check back later or join the waitlist.
To see if you have this new feature, click on Contacts in the top navigation. If you’ve been given access to the new functionality, it will look like the screenshot below.
mail sources
The first screen in the new LinkedIn Contacts feature.

Manage Your Network With LinkedIn Contacts

From the front page of Contacts, you can easily add tags and hide or remove a connection entirely.
contacts front page
Perform relationship-management tasks right from the Contacts front page.

Sync Your Contacts and Calendars

You can sync your email contacts from inside LinkedIn, as well as from Gmail, Google Contacts, Yahoo! Mail & Contacts, Outlook Mail and Contacts and the iPhone Address Book. Calendars from Google, Yahoo! and Outlook are also available for syncing. After the initial sync, the files update once a day to keep everything current.
If you have trouble with the sync function, there’s also an option to import everything. The thing to remember is that if you import, you will need to do an import again at some time in the future to catch your latest email contacts when needed.
Refresh your browser and click on Contacts to start exploring.

Send Congratulations Updates

From the left-hand navigation, click on Your Day and you’ll find that it’s much easier to see who has good news to share.
This section will alert you to career changes and birthdays in your network, which provides a perfect opportunity to stay in touch with a quick message.
Look for the cake icon to wish people a happy birthday, and congratulate a colleague on a new position or job when you see the briefcase icon.
stay connected
A great way to stay connected with friends and colleagues.

New Search Functionality

Over on the left side of your screen is the new contacts Search functionality. There are several sorting parameters to choose from, including Connections, Saved, Tags, Companies, Titles, Locations, Sources, Potential Merges and Hidden.
You can sort your contacts by several criteria: where they came from, whether they were imported into LinkedIn some time ago, by the Outlook contacts you’ve recently added and also by any apps you may use such as CardMunch.
sort contacts
LinkedIn allows you to sort your contacts into several different categories.
The image below shows an extra filter functionality that’s now available to sort your connections by a variety of options.
additional categories
The additional LinkedIn categories help you better manage your Contacts.
Click on Recent Conversation to see whom you last chatted with on LinkedIn or reconnect with someone you haven’t interacted with in some time by clicking on Lost Touch.

Map Your Connections

Do you want to meet up with potential clients in the city you are visiting next month? Or would you like to find out who’s near you today?
Sometimes you’ll want to know where your contacts are located. The Locations option, in the left navigation of your screen, pops up a handy map that shows you the geographic locations of your connections.
contact location maps
You can see where all of your LinkedIn contacts are located and zoom into a location you’re interested in.

Curate Information on a Connection’s Profile

Let’s talk about what’s new over on LinkedIn profiles.
Now, when you click on the profile of your first-degree connections or people you have sent an InMail to, you’ll see more information about your past correspondence and relationship with them.
There are several places to make notes and keep helpful details. What you enter is not publicly viewable, so you can write as much as you need to.
The Relationship tab is especially robust.
last contacted someone
You can now see when you last contacted someone in your network and you can even add notes, set a reminder and jot down other useful information.

Set Reminders to Stay Connected

Do you need some contact management help? LinkedIn now makes it easy for you to stay connected.
Create a Reminder and set it to alert you in one day, one week, one month or to recur. Type in what you need to remember and choose the option that best applies.
This function helps streamline tasks that are related to your connections.
set reminder
Set Reminders while viewing a connection’s contact profile.

Store Relationship Details

Store the details of how, when and where you met your connection and who, if anyone, introduced you.
This is especially useful when you’re following up with a new connection. You may want to mention specific details or someone’s name that you both have in common to help set the right context with the person you’re contacting.
make notes on how you met
Save notes on how you met for future reference.

View Your Messages

LinkedIn Contacts makes it easy to manage your networking activities.
If you’ve exchanged messages or an InMail with a connection, a copy of the first few sentences of the latest conversation will be on display to refresh your memory. Click on the subject line to read the whole message.
past message
Past messages are accessible directly from the Relationship tab.

Share Your Calendar for Better Event Networking

When you import or sync your calendars, shared calendar events are also shown. The image below shows a Rotary Changeover event that both my connection and I are attending. It’s easy for me to use this information to create a Reminder to find him at the event.
Sharing your calendars enables LinkedIn to show you when other connections are attending the same event. Note the options to create a reminder and add useful notes.
It’s interesting to note that in the image above, the tags are clearly labeled along the top but they were not on his profile. This is because this is a second-degree connection.

Go Mobile

You can also stay connected on the go. LinkedIn Contacts is available as a standalone app for iPhone for U.S. users, so you can stay in touch with your contacts wherever you work.
With all of these new features, you might want to expand your LinkedIn marketing tactics and take full advantage of them thanks to the mobile option.
Your Turn
The new Contacts feature from LinkedIn creates an easy-to-manage, all-in-one interface for your email databases and LinkedIn connections.
Will this become your contact management tool of preference?
What do you think? Have you tried using Contacts yet? What do you find most helpful? What else would you like LinkedIn to add? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.