Saturday, June 29, 2013

New at Linkedin! Find Out Who Viewed Your Linkedin Profile

Find Out Who Is Checking You Out.  Might Be a Potential Customer, Employee, or Supplier

So, a hat tip to one of my favorite online resources, .  They posted that Linkedin has added a free feature to their tools to help you make more money.  You are now able to see the details of who has been looking at your profile. 

I immediately jumped on this.  You kind of feel like a spy.  So right away I see that a competitor of one of my new clients was checking me out.  Not sure how he knew I was now doing marketing consultation work for a home care service in Jupiter, FL, just know that he checked out my credentials. 

It was nice to see that a couple of potential clients were also reviewing me.  I had sent out an email to 2400 bike shops around the US.  This is my primary vertical with 40% of my clients being bicycle retailers.  So there were several from the list who had taken the extra step of reviewing my profile.

There were also the obvious ones.  I had sent out some invitations to connect.  I saw a few of those had potentially scratched their head, "Do I know this guy?" or "I see we have a lot of shared connections, but who the heck is he?"

I did see a few folks that potentially might want to sell me something.  While most of us are not that excited to have more sale people calling on us, sometimes that could be an important line or needed service. 

This service at Linkedin used to be something you paid for.  At least for now, it is free to use.  Maybe they want to get you hooked and then pull it away again.  I'd say, take the risk.  Go to your Linkedin home page.  Over on the right hand side you'll see "Whose viewed Your Profile."  And you also see the option to "see more."  When you click on the "see more," you'll go to a page with 90 days worth of who has been checking you out.  There are also some nice analytics for you to evaluate.  Things like keywords that led to folks seeing you in Linkedin Search. 

If you are in need of a marketing consultant to help you grow your business in sales and profits, please give a call.  We are a boutique company and handle only 20 clients at a time.  As of June 29, we are sold out, but are taking a waiting list.  Call now at 310-910-1848. 
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