Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to Set Up and Get Great Rankings on Google Places Book

Those of us in the Google Places consulting business, and those who read this blog and have decided to set up Google Places and attempt to optimize Google Places all on their own, now have a succinct, if somewhat tame book to help them.  To be honest, I've been planning to write this book for a while, but who has the time?

First the good news.  SEO for Google Places – The Secret To Crushing Your Competition with Local SEO and Google Places   is well written, easy to follow, and I didn't see any glaring errors.  Therefore if you want to spend $.99 and you have a Kindle, you are set.  I didn't have a Kindle, so I downloaded Kindle for Mac (FREE!), and paid my $.99.  I read the book in about 30 minutes or so.

Now the not so good news.  It was very, very basic.  You will get far more information reading every article on this blog than you will in the book.  But the book is way, way better organized.  And it is basically free at 99¢.  it is definitely worth that much.  And more.

There were at least a half dozen things in the book that are not on this blog.  I intend to correct most of those over the next few weeks.  So you may want to get an RSS feed to this blog or merely follow it or my Twitter.  I will, of course, give author James Dreeson full credit each time.

To be real, he wrote the book to sell his company services, which is why I would have written the book, if I had written the book.  He isn't going to get rich at 99¢ a copy.  And I am happy to help him line up more clients.  He seems to be a solid guy and knows his stuff.  There is so much business to go around that I can't possibly handle it all.

One of the things I got from the book was a list of great Canadian primary citations.  I have been having a heck of a time getting my limousine service in Toronto to rank.  There seems to be some kind of a glitch.  But having those additional citations should help a bunch. 

If you haven't bought my latest book yet, it was written for the bicycle business, but you can be sure it will have ideas on every page that will apply to your business.  Find it at

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