Sunday, May 27, 2012

Local Search and Google Places Domination to Continue As Smart Phones Become Major Source of Information

Who knew?  Local Google Search including Google Places business listings, Google Maps, and just the emphasis place by Google on local businesses, association, and more now dominate many searches, where just five short years ago, a local business could hardly be found.

Google Places, Social Authority & Keyword Translation: Tips From ISS London

"Lisa Myers did a presentation on Google Places from a global perspective. Google Places now operates in over 100 countries and local results have started to dominate listings. With the proliferation of smartphones we'll only see local searches rising ...Multilingual Search"
I'm not prepared to say that local will grow even more dominent, but clearly this article has it right that with the smart phone taking over, local is forever.  The result is that for some businesses who wish to stretch their territories like a lawyer in Bergen County who may wish to cover all of NJ, the goal is, and will continue to be, elusive.

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