Monday, May 14, 2012

How to Rank On Google Places for 100 Keywords or More

 How to Rank on Google Places for Hundreds of Keywords

Over the past four years or so, I have worked with hundreds of companies who wanted to get to number one on Google Places.  And it would be a breeze if they only wanted to have great ranking for one Google Places keyword.   Fortunately in most cases there are only 2 or 3 keywords combined with two or three cities.  But already you are now up to 9 combinations.  The more keywords, the harder it is to get all of those covered.

Sometimes, however, the client is in so many critical businesses, but all related, that the list is almost endless.  One example is a audio-visual equipment rental company in Brooklyn,  That's one keyword:  "Audio-visual equipment rental in Brooklyn."  As with any major city, however, the client wants to be found in NYC, Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island.  So each keyword has 5 geo variations.  Now some folks call what he does DJ equipment rentals.  Some call it Sound equipment rentals.  Others call it PA equipment rentals.  Then there are the various products.  An important one is speakers.  Then we get into the brands, such as Technics, Pioneer, Rane, QSC, Mackie, JBL, and Serato.  Within those brands there are models that are very well known like the DJM-800. 

The question becomes, how does one set all this up so that you can rank for 100 or even hundreds of keyword and geo combinations like speaker rentals nyc.  Especially when many seo articles will tell you that you can only optimize the website home page for five keywords at the most...preferably only one.  For those of you who are loyal followers, I'm going to give away a tightly guarded secret that I'm unlikely to repeat anywhere else on this blog:  The optimization of the website home page rule of five maximum is for national accounts hoping to score the most critical and competitive keywords.  I can show you case after case where my clients are ranking top 1-3 on 20 or more important keywords.   

Set up the home page with five major headings.  Each of those headings should tackle one major category such as "Sound Equipment Rental Company in Brooklyn Serves NYC, Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island."

Within the paragraph below cover some keywords regarding speakers, including specific brands and models.  Link some of the keywords to internal pages.  Now repeat with a headline about DJ Equipment.

At the bottom of the page, set up a 50 word footer.  It should look something like this.  DJ Equipment Rental NYC | DJ Equipment Rental Manhattan | Sound Equipment Rental Queens | Speaker Rentals NYC     And you can set up links on these to inside pages.  You get the idea.

What does all of this have to do with Google Places.  Google looks at your website and your Google Places listing together to determine what you should be ranked under.  Sure, you want to use these keywords in your categories, descriptions and detail sections.  But you also need to optimize your website.

Do you use these techniques for multiple keywords?  Do you have other suggestions?


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