Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day, Google Places, and Smart Phones - A New World AGAIN!

There's a whole new thing you might have heard about it.  You can carry a computer around in your pocket that has more power than a NASA computer did 20 years ago, and can do far more things you really care about.  Oh!  You knew that?  LOL

I got my IPhone when SIRI became the new buzzword.  I didn't know if I needed an IPhone.  I just knew I wanted one.  Now, I am like the rest of you smart phone owners.  Siri sleeps just inches from my head.  As one pundit reported:  What else do humans possess that is never more than 6" away 23.5 hours a day?

So Google, always ahead of the pack (not) has finally begun to give merchants a way to create mobile offers online.  This is through Google Places.  You merely sign into your account, go to "offers" and fill in the forms.  NOTE:  Goog says this is free "for now." 

So I have a client who has a maid service in Cincinnati.  His client is upscale marrieds and single professionals.  Maybe 99% of those have at least one smart phone.  He just started his business  He would love to rank for maid Cincinnati or housekeeper Cincinnati, and we'll get him there eventually.  But in the meantime, he can circumvent the process by offering a coupon or special, like a Mother's Day deal, that will show up on mobile phones. 

It's brand new.  I haven't even tested it yet.  Just telling you about it early.  Tell me what you think about it.  Have you tried it?  Did anyone call?  Were there any problems with it?

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