Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tips for Google Places and Google Search from the Wall Street Journal

  The Wall Street Journal article that I pointed to the other day offered this succinct set of tips for Google Places Optimization.

Tips for Small Businesses That Count on Google's Search Engine to Survive:

  • Stay informed. Keep track of changes to Google's algorithms by following its Webmaster Central Blog.
  • Content is king. Make sure your website has original and accurate information. Google places the greatest value on sites providing the best possible user experience.
  • Perform check-ups. The search terms users enter most to find your business can change. Monitor traffic from Google regularly using free Webmaster tools and make refinements.
  • Use social media. Post links to content on your site from Twitter, Facebook and other social-media profiles. Your fans may repost the information.
  • Spread your wings. Don't rely just on Google. Look for other ways to attract people to your website, such as by running special promotions or buying ads.
  • Seek help. If your site consistently ranks low, consider having it audited by an expert in search-engine optimization.

I may have already brought this up the other day, but it bears repeating.  Websites now need to be big and well constructed.  In an example where I have created a $3500 website for a client, his Los AngelesMortgage Broker business, he has been able to achieve amazing results in a very competitive area.  Smaller $1000 websites struggle to keep rank in much less competitive situations.
Are you seeing the same thing?

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