Monday, August 6, 2012

Quality, People, Reputation, Customer Service Round Out Top Ten Ultimate Marketing Secrets

Have you checked out my other blog yet?  What's keeping you?  I usually charge for this kind of advice.  And, there will come a time when I take down my top 101 marketing secrets and start charging for the ebook.   But, while I'm writing the book, they're free.  Ten are up.  The top ten.  Check them out.  Let me know if I'm doing ok.  Or maybe they're not so great.  I can take it.  Just tell me they're messed up or wrong. 

Top ten so far:
  1. Set Goals
  2. Then Strategies
  3. Then Tactics
  4. Profit is the reason
  5. Cost is a major marketing issue
  6. Sales are necessary for profit
  7. Customer service is linked to profit
  8. Reputation may be biggest driver of traffic
  9. People are your most critical asset
  10. Quality is a marketing decision

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