Friday, August 10, 2012

Google Local Reviews, Zagat, Stars, More from Google Places Expert

Reviews are At the Bottom Of Your List of Concerns??  What Am I Missing?

Mike Blumenthal blogs today of possible returns to stars and the end of Zagat Hell. One can only hope he's right.  That would be way at the top of my wish list of improvements to what is still called Google Places. 

However, I can't explain the following phenomenon, and I'm hoping some of my loyal readership can.  Ever article, blog post, or video i do on reviews gets the least views, visits, readers.  I know that my clients would rather have a root canal than work on reviews, so maybe they also don't want to read about what they don't want to do.  Is that the issue?

While we are still using Zagat, reviews don't matter AS MUCH.  But they still matter and they still effect ranking to some degree.  Negative reviews obviously matter and need to be dealt with.  I have videos on Google Places Reviews and blog posts on this subject. 

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