Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Rose by Any Other Name Might Smell Sweeter to Google

Should You Change Your Company Name to Improve Ranking on Google Local?

Why didn't I think of that.  Good use of keyword.
We all know that your company name as listed on your Google Places Dashboard and as clearly and 100% exactly repeated on all websites, directories, and citations, will effect your ranking on Google Places and Google Plus Local Business Pages.  We also know that if there are great keywords in that name and that you get those keywords into your URL, you are getting into Oreo Double Stuf territory.  So should you change your name.  I have written about how to add your name to the Google Places listing here.

Yesterday, I wrote my 12th Marketing Secret on my way to 101 Marketing Secrets to be revealed over the next 90 days at  And the subject was how to name or brand your company.  Here is where I am going to get profound, and also advertise my services:

Marketing is the business of strategically apply tactics that over time will increase traffic, sales, and profits.  An SEO company might say "Change your name to suit Google."  An advertising agency might say, "You need a cute and catchy memorable name that looks good on a pen."  A marketing consultant cares about both and wants to find a balance that will result in achieving the goals of increased traffic, sales, and profits.  Sometimes that will mean changing your name.

You may want to check out both of these posts to get some of the ways to reason through the decision.  As for me, I'm considering changing my company name to Apple Small Business Marketing Consulting and Search Engine Marketing Company.  Catchy, right?

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