Friday, August 3, 2012

Google+ Local Business Page Merger Now Taking Form - 8/3/12

My hat is off to my trusted assistant, Ashley, who sent an email this morning with the news that something had changed on Google Plus Business Pages.  According to Ashley:

"I noticed today that there is a new button when logged into a google plus business page that says verify business.  When you click on it it will send a postcard to the business address of the client.  Once they receive it in about a week, it gives them a pin that I can input to verify the business as the same one listed on the old places.  I will let the clients know to send me the pin number once they receive the postcard in the mail."

Once aware that the changes were underway, I checked over at Blumenthal's blog and he adds that you have to certify, even if you already have a claimed Places account.  He also states that the rest of the functionality will be available after the pin numbers are entered and the account is certified.

That's all we know for now.  Anyone know more than that?  Please share!

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