Friday, August 3, 2012

Perfectly Optimized Google Places with Mediocre Customer Service Is Disaster

SEO Experts Can Create Optimized Google Plus Local Business and Get Great Rankings On Google Places, BUT Poor Customer Service Can Destroy All the Benefits

My son is a serious baseball player.  As a left fielder, he needs to know how to play excellent defense, but whether he starts or not depends almost totally on one thing - his bat.  And after playing at the sport for 12 years, on thing keeps him from being an all star.  Can you guess?  It isn't his batting glove or his stance.  It isn't how cool his uniform is.  The difference in being a .220 hitter hoping to pinch hit and a .390 hitter batting first or fourth comes down to one thing.  Keeping his eye on the ball.

Let's be real.  As business owners we are not getting up early, taking time away from our families and hobbies, and risking our capital to gain a high ranking on some Google Search Engine.  Putting the finishing touches on our website so that it is perfect in every way may or may not contribute to our real goals and objectives.  All of the work done online is wasted if the job we do with the customer in front of us is shoddy.

If you are not getting your daily dose of marketing vitamins from my other blog, then there is no time like the present.  I am in the process of listing the top 101 Marketing Secrets that I've learned in a 40+ year career as a professional marketer.  We are now on number 7, and as you might have guessed, the subject is customer service.  That post might just be a life changer for you.

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