Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For Google Content Is, Was, and Will Be King re: Google Local

Don't Play Games with Someone Who Controls the Rules.  Google Has Always Been Clear.  Unique, Useful, Relevant Content is What They Will Reward.

Try silly stuff if you want.  Maybe you have already.  Google is getting better and better at rewarding great content and slapping spam and black hat.  Panda, Penguin, Venice have all wiped out entire businesses who were "helping" businesses and marketing consultants with SEO tricks.  JC Penny's and other major corporations have seen the wrath of Google. 

Check out the following video for a clear discussion of how to get to the top rankings on Google Search and Google Places/Google+ Local Business, and stay there through what will surely be new efforts by Google to get to their goal:  Great, well written, unique, useful, and relevant content.

Do you agree that the smart business owner sticks to a long term effort to create content that Google specifically says will fit its rules?  Or do you think it is better to try to trick the Goog?  Let me know in the comments.

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