Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pinterest Provides a Huge Opportunity for Integration of YouTube and Blogs

Believe it or not, some American humans have never heard of Pinterest.  How can that be?

The first time I ever saw this new social media sensation, I was flabbergasted as to how amazing and cool it was.  I even considered making all my blogs and websites look like Pinterest.  And with the possible exception of Google+, this is the fastest growing social media site on the web. 

With 70% or more of the users coming from the gentler sex (can you still say that), and with those who are using it spending serious amounts of time pinning and repinning, the potential is huge.  We are in the process of creating Pinterest sites for all of our clients.  Here is one which you can see at http://pinterest.com/nyactingschool/

You have to love the visuals and the quick read.  It is also super easy to grab what you want for your site.  And the original creator maintains ownership of the content no matter how many times it is repinned.  Sure, you can screen shot things, but why??

You can put up YouTube videos, which is a great use of the concept.  You can also create little posters with words on them when that is needed.  So for blog posts, you can use the word poster approach, or use a fantastic piece of art to create intrigue that drives visitors to look up the post details. 

I think doing just what I did above is also a potential way to integrate.  Take shots of your pinterest and use those on blogs, Facebook, and Google+ to create traffic back to the Pinterest site. 

There is a huge amount of action happening around Pinterest around the idea of contests.  And starting the contest on Pinterest and then connecting it to the other sites can be a really solid way to build all sites. 

This is very, very new to our company, and we are still in the learning curve.  We would love to have your ideas in the comments regarding how to integrate Pinterest.

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