Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Google+ Is Facebook for Men - Might Eventually be #1 Overall for Social Media Integration

I am really starting to wish I'd started a huge storyline about Google+ being for men and Pinterest for women.  I wrote about this early via http://googleplaceshelp.blogspot.com/search?q=google%2B+men, but not often.  Now I've lost my chance to become famous for leading in this meme.  But this headline today in Forbes "Women Are From Pinterest, Men Are From Google+?" actually has the stats to back up their question.  I will deal with Pinterest tomorrow.  But what about Google+.  This much maligned social media site cannot be ignored.  Quite by accident, in my humble opinion, Google created an environment that is uniquely providing a place where men can do what men like to do.  Show off and debate.  The streams are rarely trivial, and at least in my circles, no one has described or taken a picture of any meals. 

The reason I prognosticate that Google+ will eventually be the big winner in social media integration is that they are uniquely setting themselves up for integration.  The very first thing you do is to separate your network into circles according to their common interest area.  While you can do this in Facebook, it is an afterthought, and for most FB fanatics, they aren't going to go back and divide up their 500 friends. 

In addition, the tools and toys that Google has already brought to the Google+ environment are very powerful for groups.  In particular, the hangout concept has huge potential. 

I would like to write another 1000 words on Google+, but the timing is wrong.  The merger with Google Places is happening right now, and everyone is waiting to see what that really means in terms of how content is uploaded, used, shown, etc. 

But this much I know.  Growing your circles, sharing updates to appropriate groups, and joining conversations when you have something to add are going to provide you with potential resources in the future.  Sharing the fact that you have a new video up, blog post posted, product in your line, website changed, or event being planned, not to mention hangout scheduled, are just a few of the ways you can integrate your media.  And if you have thousands in your circles, there will surely be an impact on your views and visitors to the target media content.

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