Monday, August 20, 2012

Facebook - Do We Really Need FB for Small Business Social Media Integration?

MySpace and Yahoo still exist almost a decade after they both became irrelevant.  They have a tiny, by internet standards, sliver of the market, which creates jobs and profits, and useful places for some to advertise.  So, I'm not going to be the first to announce the death of FB.  But what seems to be happening is death by a thousand cuts. 

    ▪    Pinterest is way more fun.
    ▪    Google+ is better for guys who like to debate and show prowess. 
    ▪    Blogs are better for sales and information about product. 
    ▪    YouTube is better for given an impression of authenticity, knowledge, and likability. 
    ▪    Linked in is certainly better for upper level associating and power networking.

So what exactly is left of Facebook?  Games and telling anyone who cares what your three year old said?   News of family and friends status changes?  A place to trade pictures?  My son says that the kids have switched some of that to instagram.  No wonder Facebook bought it.

On the other hand, I have clients who are possibly actually making money with FB.  If not money, at least friends.  In other words, I doubt if any of them could point to much in the way of phone calls or walk ins due to FB.  But clearly it is a media where people gather, and where they share what they like, so there is very likely to be an excellent potential for actual business as people feel more connected to a company. 

As a consultant I have not stayed up with Facebook.  As we create content for our clients on Blogs or Twitter, we use feeds to get this information on FB.  It is up to our clients to add any further proactive content and to react to incoming. 

Therefore when we Tweet or blog about a video, or Tweet about a blog post, the headline ends up on the FB page.  This can lead to more visits to the target media and make the FB page more interesting. 

What else would you suggest as being useful in the FB world for an overall media strategy?

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