Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogging as The Core of Social Media Integration

Long form is the most critical form.  We can all share a headline on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or google+, but the headlines have details behind them that may or may not be what is even in the headline.  Only rarely does the headline provide you with enough benefit to be worth the read, other than for entertainment.   Blogs, articles, website content, and videos tend to provide the longer, more detailed story.  Of these only video and blogs count as social media.  And obviously, blogs are written words that are already heavily interwoven into social media. 

Can you do Facebook without a blog?  Sure.  You can do any social media effort without a blog or even a website.  And everyone of those media can produce the occasional actual sale.  But if you read the pundits in this field, as I do, or if you are doing this for multiple businesses day-to-day, as I do, you begin to see the pattern.  FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked in, and YouTube are all great feeds to Blogs and Websites.  YouTube is the double threat, as it can lead to immediate and direct results without first sending the client to the blog or website, and there is also a nice stream of traffic to the blog and website from the videos.  The place where the sale takes place is on the Website, the blog, or YouTube.

I have been blogging since January 1995, which is pretty much when it all started.  I have steadfastly adhered to the principle of blogging three times per week.  I'm a professional writer, so I write fast, and theoretically well enough to have been published 100's of times.  So my work should not stand in the way of blogging success.  Some of my blogs have done well.  But only when I started blogging pretty close to daily did I start to see real results.  Only when I started to support my blogs with other social media did the numbers start to really inflate. 

You may not have the time or talent to post to your blog daily, respond to comments, and support your blogging with social media and videos.  You can hire it done (and please call us if that's what you want to do).  But the combination will work to produce steady business over time. 

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