Friday, July 20, 2012

Google+ Local or Google Maps or Google Places or Google Web Optmiization

One Stop Shopping for Optimizing Your Google Business Listings Including:  Google+ Local, Google Maps, Google Places, and Google Web Search

$39 a month for life and we will get you on Google Page 1.  Included in our package:
  • We will set up all information under our accounts so we can keep control
  • We will take down what we put up if you stop doing business with us
  • We will say that everything we do for you is proprietary and never share methods
  • When we get you on page 1 for the promised keywords, it might not result in more business, just a nice screen shot showing you that we have done as promised
  • The $39 a month might be just a teaser
  • Some of what we do may be black hat and you could be suspended by Google or worse
Most of the calls I get from local business owners start off with a pained plea for help.  They have seen my videos or my blog, and they figure I might be able to help them regain their previous high ranking, or they have had multiple bad experience with so called experts.  Commonly, they want to pay me some minimum amount based on what they have seen in the ads, and expect me to right all the wrongs.

The guy who answers the phone
We do things very differently.  Want proof.  Do a Google Search for Google Places Expert, or Google Local Expert or Google Places Optimization.  Anyone who says they are an expert in SEO should be on the first page for those search terms.  You will find press releases, blog posts, and YouTube videos created by my company on all three searches.  Sometimes twice.  Sometimes first on the page...or second.

What really sets us apart:
  1. We don't recommend you rely only on Google Places or Google Maps or Google+ Local
  2. We do recommend that you have tons of content of various kinds so that you dominate lots of keywords, both long and short
  3. We create that content, and it doesn't go away ever.  Our clients have Youtube videos that still produce for them, and that are four years old.
  4. The content and everything we do for you is placed on accounts owned an controlled by you
  5. We create a Google Doc that lists all your accounts, id's and passwords.  You share that Google Doc.  It is yours for reference no matter what.
  6. Our methods are designed with one goal.  More profit for your company.  We'll send you screen shots of your placement online, all kinds of charts and graphs, but we use these to help both of us figure out how to be more effective at getting CUSTOMERS and CLIENTS to spend money with you.
  7. We are not limited to Web based marketing.  We are a marketing consulting firm with years of experience in print, trade shows, event management, promotions, advertising specialties, radio, and more.  
  8. We are more than an SEO and advertising agency.  We can help you with signage, interior layout and design, product development, branding, logos, distribution channels, import, export, product launches, sales training and more.
  9. We don't keep our methods a secret.  We have tutorials on all what we do, and we will share almost any of it with you.
  10. We do the work that a $3000 a month consultant would do for under $900 a month. 
  11. We have no contracts.  You can stop anytime with a week or so notice (courtesy)   
 If our different way of doing business sounds appealing to you, we will be happy to send you many samples of our work, a long list of references, plenty of testimonials. 

Oh.  Did I mention.  When you call 310-910-1848, I answer the phone.  Now that is different!!

Randy Kirk

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