Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pinterest - Google+ Local Business, Google Places, and Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest to Improve Google Places Ranking

The minute I laid eyes on Pinterest I knew it would be a huge hit.  And the eyes are the reason.  Pinterest is visually compelling on the laptop or tablet screen.  You can see a bunch of options above the fold with Pinterest compared to a blog, facebook, or even Google+.  Repinning is way more fun than liking, +1ing, retweeting, or any of the other options out there.  Result, Pinterest is growing like crazy and taking away market share from Facebook. 

Home Remodel Dallas Pinterest Site
Here is an example of a Pinterest Site we created for our Home Remodeling Client in Dallas
How does Pinterest effect the world of Google local business and the relevant tools of google+ Local, Google Places and Google Maps?  It is one more place for Google to see that you are serious and important in your little part of the universe.  Everything you do on pinterest is similar to what you might do on a blog or other social media.  Pictures have links, and as visitors repin your pictures, the link is now on their pinterest page.  With the ease of this process, you can spread your seed far and wide in no time at all if your content is compelling. 

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