Friday, June 22, 2012

Internet Marketing Secrets - Case Studies Tell All - Nothing Held Back on SEO, SEM, Google Places, Google+ Local

Using YouTube in combination with other channels and social media to quickly create buzz about our client's new Emergency App.

We had never had a client that was more important to our future.  And the product, in this case an App, was such a clear winner that we wanted to make sure that we gave it every possible opportunity for success.  To make the case more interesting, the client had used all his money developing the app and getting it to this point.  So keeping the costs to a minimum was essential.

My Emergency App
The app is called MyEmergencyApp, and rather than describe it in detail here, you can go take a quick look at the concept on the website we created for them at, what else,

Obviously there is an opportunity to get consumers to download the app.  The client had originally planned to give the app away, and rely on income from advertisers on the app as the only revenue stream.  But everyone agreed that there was great value in the app itself, and so the sell on the app was set at the nominal figure of $1.99.  This established a value proposition, and also allowed for the option of coupons or promotions for discounts or even to make the app free.

The major revenue source was to come from the advertisers on the app.  There are twelve possible advertisers on the app.  Plumbers, locksmiths, urgent care, dentists, emergency hospitals, towing services, roofers, electricians, window repair, garage door companies, and appliance repair service.  We needed to have a method for reaching those potential advertisers.

Our key pitch would be as follows:  These types of businesses rely heavily on Google Places, now known as Google+ Local.  If they aren't highly ranked on the Google Everything Search or the Google Places Search, their phone doesn't ring.  As all marketers know and all emergency service providers know, it cost real time and money to stay highly ranked for these categories. 

MyEmergencyApp would be a work around.  Instead of competing on Google and having to share the space with competitors, the advertiser would have an exclusive spot on an app.  In order to tell that story we created a video that you can watch below or go to YouTube and watch here . 

So, now we needed to get eyeballs on these videos.  The most obvious way was to send links by email, or just get on the phone and call the companies.  But we wanted some fail safe approaches in case the sales force was not effective.  We wanted clients coming to us, ready to buy. 

We wanted our videos to be highly ranked on YouTube, Google video search, and Google Everything Search for such categories as Locksmith Marketing or How To Market an Emergency Plumber

To do that, we decided to create separate videos for each category.  Here is an example of the one we did for emergency locksmiths.

Once having created these videos, we needed to promote them.  We created a press release at for each one, and did blog posts about them on our various blogs.  We also put the videos up on Daily Motion, Revver, and other sites using different Titles.  With 12 videos, 12 press releases, 24 blog posts, and 120 videos, we felt there was a good chance that the phone would ring.

Our blog posts automatically result in content on all social media, but we supplemented this with additional content about our launch on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+

What do you think about our approach?  What might you have done differently?  Stay tuned.  In a future post we'll let you know the outcome of all this.

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