Saturday, June 23, 2012

Using Video in Post Google Places Era - YouTube and Google+ Local

Google+ Local aka Google Places has eliminated YouTube videos from it's content for the time being.  Don't be misled or concerned.  When Google finalized the merger of Places and Plus, you can be certain that YouTube will be a major player.

First of all, they have just announced with much fanfare that watching YouTube videos could be a grand and fun thing to do in a Google Hangout.  You can automatically record your Hangout sessions and immediately upload them to YouTube, and/or you can stream them through YouTube.

Part of our efforts for clients includes the production of lots and lots of YouTube videos.  We find that this is a great way to get highly ranked for keywords that even a great website can't achieve.  Sometimes we video the owner or staff member explaining products or services, other times we do interviews through Skype.  Sometimes neither option is available and we create our own home made videos.  We have a maid service in Cincinnati who really had no other way to get these done, so we created three videos for them.   and

You can easily create videos like this with very little equipment and an editing program like iMovie.  To date we have created approximately 1500 little videos like this for our clients, and many of them bring in more business than the Google Places aka Google+ Local listings.

What has your experience been using videos to get great internet visibility?  What do you expect Google+ Local to do with videos to create better information for the user?

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