Monday, June 4, 2012

Google Places - Google Plus Local Pages Review Process Is Really Slick

While I reported earlier today that reviews would be more difficult to get, they will certainly be easier for one class of reviewer; those that are always signed into their Google Account.  One could surmise that for those who have a Google Plus account it will also be a bunch easier.  Check out the process.

Here is the new view in search when you're logged in to your Google account.  Ok.  Not all the time.  Because things are in flux, you might not see this on every search or the same in every browser.  And it could all look different tomorrow.  So for now:

My client is only in second place here.  Not bad for acting school NYC.  In any case, you'll note some of these show the new rating system, some say they have Google+ page, some only tell how many reviews.  Now, if you click the reviews portion, you go to the rest of the listing.  This is still an oddity to me.  Google makes it very hard for the user to go to the listing.  This is not bad for the business owner, as most active links related to the site take you to the website.

You'll note some rearrangement of things on this listing page.  But in blue, you have the write a review button. 

If you click on the blue button you get this prompt.

After you agree, you are then given a template to prepare your review, and it is then posted to your Google Plus stream.

Over 100 million folks are now members of Google +, but many who signed up have never used it.  This could easily create more usage, which is, of course, something Google is counting on.

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