Sunday, April 29, 2012

Piano Teacher Wants West LA, Culver City, El Segundo, and Venice CA

Very frequently the calls I get have to do with expanding the territory.  Take the piano teacher that wants to have his Google Places listing showing under piano teacher West LA, piano teacher Culver City, piano Teacher El Segundo, and piano teacher, Venice.  This same caller wouldn't mind also being seen under piano teacher Mar Vista,  piano teacher Santa Monica, and piano teacher Marina Del Rey.  To complicate matters, he's also like to be under piano lessons, piano instructor, and music lessons.  Does this sound like you?

While I believe that Google Places is still the most powerful place to show up online, when it comes to multiple suburb positioning, my goal is to have SOMETHING showing on page one for each of those keywords.  It might be the Google Places listing, the website, a press release, a blog post, or a YouTube video.  I would prefer to have that something be above the fold, and the ultimate goal is to have that something be number 1 on the page. 

Remember, even the sophisticated searcher is using the "Everything" search, not to the Google Places search.

In order to get coverage for multiple suburbs, you need to redouble your efforts on all the things we talk about in this blog.  Great website with those keywords in a footer on page one and mentioned in headlines and body copy.  Lots of great citations in directories, YP's, and local search engines.  Solid, relevant back links to the primary website.   Reviews in Google Places that include a mention of the cities you want to be seen in. 

It won't hurt to mention your cities in the more details section of your Google Places listing, but I see people putting the city as part of the category description.  That is not something you want to do.

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