Sunday, April 29, 2012

Marketing Consultant at Play - This Job Is Fun and Has Side Benefits

I am a marketing consultant residing in West Los Angeles, California, an easy bike ride to the beach.  I work out of my amazing 400 square foot sun room.  My "employees" are all working out of their homes, so no commercial rent to pay.  No phones, no computer network.  Envious yet??!  It gets better. 

I made the decision early on in this business, to not have a vertical client base.  Many warned me to do so.  And while 5 of my 25 clients are bike shops in places like Lexington, Ky, or Ontario, CA, I get the fun of working with a wide array of businesses.  In my current group is a New York City Acting School, a Miami, FL Criminal Attorney, a Greensboro, NC, BMW Service and Repair business, a Nail Shop in Kihei, Maui, and a Los Angeles Personal Trainer

This approach allows me to learn about many different businesses, the way they operate, and apply what I learn about the LA Personal Trainer to the Ontario, California Bike Shop.  I'm going to begin a series where I give you some insight into just how I do that.  If you want to be sure and keep up, subscribe to the blog.  We'd love to hear your comments, too.

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