Monday, April 30, 2012

Duplicate Google Places Listing Replaces Outstanding Listing in Rank

My client, a BMW repair service in Greensboro, NC has seen his Google Places Listing come under attack by a some unknown person.  Just as we seemed to get that under control, a duplicate listing shows up.  As an example of how crazy some ranking turns out to be, this new listing that is unclaimed and has one review is now ranking #1 for many important key words.  The real listing, which has been in place for a very long time and has 25 reviews is now ranking on page 3 for those same terms. 

Since the client had nothing to do with the new listing being created, and because of its ranking, we're going to let it sit for a week.  Eventually we will claim it and kill it.  Then the question becomes whether the original listing will go back and occupy those slots where it used to be and the duplicates are now.  If you live in or around Greensboro and need work done on your BMW, Mercedes, or MINI, check out my client's website at

If you are dealing with a similar situation, you generally will want to follow the above directions.  Claim it and kill it.  You can just notify Google about the duplicate, but it will take longer to deal with it. 

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ZALMEN said...

i have the same isue by Google places was attacked