Friday, April 27, 2012

Specialty Pharmacist, TNH Pharmacy II of Los Angeles, A Huge Challange for Google Places Ranking

Anyone who tries to tell you that they will get you a page 1 listing on Google Places guaranteed has never worked on difficult keywords.  Since there are very few companies that deal in the specialty pharmacy field, I thought getting my client, TNH Pharmacy II, to a top ranking would be a cinch.

What exactly is a Specialty Pharmacy?  They deal with medications for folks with cancer, Hepatitis C, other acute care drugs, and anti rejection meds for transplant patients.  TNH Pharmacy II is actually located in Van Nuys, CA, but was interested in having a good position on Google Places for Los Angeles and other suburbs of Los Angeles.  In fact, they really wanted Orange County, Riverside County, Ventura County and more.  And again, because there isn't a huge number of companies that do this work, I thought it would be a cinch.

Six months after we began the effort, we were not really showing up, even in Van Nuys.  Then we realized that by some oversight, we had not done SEO on the website at  I never said we were perfect, only really, really good.  Do to some communication issues with hosts and other providers, we were not able to get the SEO finished right away.  So we threw quite a few citations at the situation, and were able to move them to #1 in Van Nuys and some of the suburbs of LA.  They are in the top few for most suburbs.

A variation of the keyword is Oncology Pharmacy, and they now also rank for this in many of the LA area cities and number 1 for Oncology Pharmacy Los Angeles.  We'll report back on the effect of proper SEO on the website and see if we can't move things up even more. 

Have you had similar circumstances?  Tell us your story.

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