Monday, March 18, 2013

Google + Content + SEO + Social Media = Visitors and Visibility

Great Content Make The Google Happy and The Google Rewards Those Who Provide Same

The game has changed in the past 14 months in a Major Way.  Penguin, Panda, Venice and their various iterations have put the spammers out of business.  You also might know that another Panda update is coming around March 15.  Bad content has been dealt with harshly, but along with that a substantial amount of good content that was written under the old rules has gone away also.  We have taken a completely new approach in writing for all media, in particular blogs, and our clients are getting huge results.  We now want to pass our discoveries along to you.

In order to better manage the massive amount of free DIY information that we provide to those who are seeking free advice, I have started yet another blog that specifically deals with the complete revolution that has taken place on Google the last years.

Content Marketing Is So Internet 2013  You can save time by just going their now!

In this blog we explore the new way to help Google give us better ranking for all kinds of content:
  • Blog
  • YouTube
  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • Website
  • Google+

Subjects Already Covered in Content Marketing Is So Internet 2013

If you didn't already take the above prompt to go check out the new blog.  Let me entice your further.  We have basically only dealt with blog content and a little PR up 'till now.  But we will be adding complete instruction on all media in the future.  You can subscribe to this blog if you would like as we will keep you up to date on new posts on the Content Blog.  Or you can also subscribe to the Content Blog and get updates.  We post on that blog about three times per week.  All Free. 


 Content Marketing Is So Internet 2013

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Love to hear your comments.  If you need someone to help you with you marketing, we are only too happy to provide a full range of services.  Be sure to +1 or Tweet about this new blog.

If you are a content writer, but need additional content written, or if you don't want to or have time to write content, we are a potential source of help.  Our goal is to be your VP of Marketing and help you with your entire marketing effort, including great online content creation.  Call me at 310-910-1848.  I answer the phone.

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Excellent insights! Content has been one of the most important factors for keyword rankings. Quality and original content is what makes Google happy.

All the optimization updates will not affect websites that follow Google's guidelines.