Friday, March 22, 2013

Cheap Back Links Are So Last Year - Here's the Future

I Never Used Back Links Until February 2012!  Great Timing

First Website Developed on Something Like This - Still a Mac Man

Some quick history.  I've been doing internet optimization since Al baby invented it.  I have worked on national campaigns, and for the past 5 years have concentrated on local.  From 1994 until 2012, I never paid for a back link.  In February of 2012 I met a guy who said he could give me solid content, but not great content, and provide me with some excellent back links.  I decided to give it a try.

From Riches to Ashes in 90 Days

In no time at all I was converted.  I only tested the theory on a few clients who had the most competitive keywords.  Within weeks I was a hero.  I imagined building my fledgeling marketing business into a major powerhouse with a blue-windowed-office building on the side of the freeway.  But alas...Panda and Penguin and Venice and Panda II and on and on and just like that, I was back to where I started from on all the accounts that got the biggest boost.

I count myself fortunate that my SEO guy was a man of character.  None of his links ever cost me to fall totally out of favor with the Google.   I just slid back to neutral.  I stayed in touch with Mike as he worked hard to figure out how to profitably help folks get ranking without the old cheap back link methods.  I am very impressed with and happy to share with you what he has come up with:

Mike Munter - Back Link Guru - Reborn
"Any attempt to manipulate Google’s organic search results may give you short-term results, but if you’re building your business for the long-term, you’re probably best to avoid them.  Know what you’re getting into before you invest and choose carefully."
This is the last paragraph of a great new post from Mike Munter.  He has laid out, in painstaking detail, what it takes to get links that will stand the test of time.  Why will they hold up.  Because they are the kinds of links that Google loves.  They are from trusted sources.  The content is unique, helpful, detailed, well written, and not spammy in any way.

If you want to learn more about how to write great content, try my new blogContent Marketing Is So Internet 2013

What Does It Cost to Create the Kind of Content Google Wants Today

The short answer to this question is 5¢ - 20¢ a word.  It largely depends on the industry you are in.  Content for a bakery or restaurant might be closer to 5¢.  Content for a doctor or lawyer, closer to 20¢.  But there are many ways to use content that gives great value for the spend.  For details on that you might try this article.  Content Management Automation for Dummies

Then there is the added cost of adding the content to media.  And in today's visual world, there is going to be some more money spent on great visual content.   

I'm recommending you check out what Mike has wrought.  You can find his post here:

What Cheap SEO Services Look Like (And What Can Happen If You Invest In Them)


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