Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten Top Tips for Google Places Ranking - How to Get Your Business to #1 on Google Places

Ten Top Tips for Google Places Ranking - How to Get to #1 on Google Places

There are over 100 factors that Google analyzes to figure out where your business is going to show up on the critical 1st Page for Google Places and the blended Google Everything Page.  The first tip should be DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!  The truth is that the most sophisticated SEM (search engine marketing) guru's in the US are commonly flummoxed by the Goog.  And nowhere is this more true than when it comes to Google Places and Local Business online ranking.

But, some of you will plug away at this until you cry uncle.  Call me when you've had enough.  For now, here are my ten top tips for Google Places Ranking:

  1. Fill out the listing form completely with special attention on Name, Description and Category.
  2. Your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) have to be exactly the same everywhere, and should appear in text on the home page and location page of your website. 
  3. Follow the rules set up by Google Places.  In particular you cannot have two listings at the same address with the same phone number.  Don't use city information in the categories.  Do not spam the city name in the description.
  4. The quality of your website will have a major impact on your ranking.  Make sure your website has great SEO.
  5. Google Places likes to see that you are who you say you are.  Therefore, the more proof they can find the better for your rank.  Proof comes in the form of citations or places on the web where you NAP is found.  The more relevant the site to your business, the better for your ranking.
  6. Get at least 5 reviews so that your stars light up.  The more reviews the better, and the better the reviews the better.  It is not clear that Google is paying much attention to the quantity of your reviews for ranking right now, but they have in the past and may again.  In any case, better to be in third place with 10 reviews than 1st place with none, if the others in the top three or four have at least five.
  7. Stay on top of your analytics.  Check them at least once per week.  Which keywords are getting you impressions?  Are you impressions headed up or down?  Make adjustments accordingly.
  8. Put up some great pictures and videos.  Do use the coupons.  Make a post.  Add tons of extra content to the listing.  Once again, there is little evidence that any of this will help your ranking at this moment.  But it won't hurt, and it might help with conversions.  Plus Google loves content, and my bet is that content will be an issue tomorrow if it isn't today.
  9. Use all 5 category options.  Use the search bar instant feature to see what comes up when you start to type in your main category.  Use some of those results as possible categories. 
  10. Use Google Alerts for your business name and for Google Places.  This way you'll catch some things that happen regardng your online presence, and you'll stay up to date on Google Places changes.

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