Friday, March 9, 2012

Google Places Helps Bankruptcy Lawyer To Phone Ringing Off the Hook

Google Places for Lawyers?  Top Google Places Rank Critical!  Bankruptcy Lawyer Tells Google Places StoryDivorce Lawyer Gains from Google Places. PI Attorneys Spend Thousands for Google Places Rank.

Google Places has become a critical part of the marketing strategy for law firms across the USA.  The recession has impacted the legal profession almost as severely as housing.  The result is that large legal firms and independent small law offices are competing for the coveted spots in their local area and beyond on Google Places.

My first law client was spending at least $7000 a month on internet marketing.  Others are spending that much and more.  Of course, a single case can often repay that kind of spend.  And, for many of my attorney clients, Google Places and other internet efforts are bringing in way more than one client per month.

A quick look to the right column of this blog will give you two testimonials of what we were able to do.  One is a bk attorney.  The other is a divorce lawyer.  Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to share the experiences of criminal and PI attorneys that have used our services.  However, the results have been just as stunning.

Realistically, moving an attorney to the top for critical keywords in major metro areas is not a 30 day deal.  In some cases it might take six months to a year.  But moving a law firm up in rank has always been possible within a month or so.

Our methods are all white hat.  We could generate some better results faster by using black hat approaches.  However, these are always short lived gains.  Our method is to get you to the top in a way that will keep you there for years.

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