Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is Google Places? If You Are a SMB, You Need to Care

What is Google Places?

You have come to the right place for the answer to the question What is Google Places.  As far as I know there is no other site on the internet that gives a more fundamental and foundational understanding of the issue What is Google Places.  There are plenty of sites like Mike Blumenthal's that are outstanding for pundits and experts to find out the tiniest details of how Google Places works.  Unfortunately, in order for them to be useful for the trained experts, they become hard to understand for the business owner or manager who can't devote countless hours to the subject.

But if you are just an average guy or gal trying to find your way through the maize, we answer the question What is Google Places for folks like you.  Layman's terms, videos, tutorials, pictures, and step-by-step instructions.  Google Places doesn't even provide this service.  And it is all free.  What you can find on this site.

    1.    How to get a Google Account.
    2.    What Google Accounts you shouldn't use for your Google Places Listing
    3.    What to do about your business name.  Should you change it?
    4.    What is NAP, and why must it be the same across the entire internet?
    5.    What is a citation, and why does it effect your ranking
    6.    Why the Google Everything Search is the important place to rank
    7.    How to get top rankings on the Google Everything Search
    8.    How to get more reviews and get your review stars lit up
    9.    How your website effects your Google Places ranking

And more and more and more and more.  You can get a book on this subject and it will not be as detailed, easy to read or up to date.  You can pay a consultant to help you, but how will you know who to hire?  There are plenty of really bad SEO consultants out there.  Of course, if you need help, you could always hire a trusted source who clearly shows they know their stuff.  WHO could I be talking about?  : )

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