Monday, February 13, 2012

February 2012 Google Places Set Up and Optimization Update from Google Places Help Blog

Are you Setting Up Google Places Listing in February 2012?

For Google Search and Google Places Local Business Directory Listings, the operative word is change, and the chances are good that anyone who owns a small business that depends on Google Places and the Google Everything Search for its very existence, paying consultants like me is going to be a way of life.

In the past 90 days I have seen one of my clients in an extremely competitive category in a huge metro area, go from #3 on Google Everything and #1 on Google Places to off the page entirely, and then back again to #1 on Places.  However, now that he is #1 on Places again, there are three websites ranking above Places on the everything page, giving him a 4th place overall just barely above the fold. 

But to shore up my client's situation, we added backlinks to his website, citations in general, and worked hard get some more reviews.  We are constantly blogging, Facebooking, Twittering, and creating YouTube videos.  The client is very happy, because in an industry especially hard hit by the recession, his phone is ringing like crazy.

On another front, I've owned the search term Google Places Optimization for a long time.  But I owned the top spot using a press release from  But got hurt with the Panda change last year.  At first, I kept my spot., but then it started to slip.  With some hard work, I now own  How to Optimize Google Places Listings, and every shorter version of that phrase.  And I own the top spot with a blog post. 

Would you want to hire someone to get you top rankings for Google Places or for a critical search like Google Places Optimization who was ranked lower than me, or who wasn't even on the first page? 

But I know some of you would rather do it yourself.  So, I will continue to help you through this blog.  My personal suggestion is that you do as I am do.  I pay other people to do my own seo, my own social media, and my own websites.  I'm too close to it, and I can pay others much less per hour than I charge for my personal time. 

    ✓    What should you do right now if you are still doing it yourself.
    ✓    Change your website content.  Refresh it. 
    ✓    Make sure your Website SEO is amazing, and that your NAP is on every page. 
    ✓    Create at least 5 - 10 backlinks per month. 
    ✓    Get on every possible directory, yp, and listing you can find. 
    ✓    Put videos and pictures on your Google Places listing. 
    ✓    Set up all social media, including Google +, and actively add content.
    ✓    Create YouTube videos and a great YouTube Channel. 
    ✓    Then put those videos up on all the other sites like Vimeo and DailyMotion.
    ✓    Make sure everything you do like this has best possible SEO and SEM methods. 
    ✓    Don't do anything black hat.  If you think it is black hat it probably is.  If you want to be sure, email me or leave a comment.

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