Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secrets to Optimizing Your Google Places Listing in 2012 - No Errors

 You read all my advice on Optimizing your Google Places Listing on this blog.  You've read other commentator on the proper way to set up your Google Places Listing.  You've watched my videos and other folks videos, but you're still not on page 1.  Or you're not as high on page 1 as you want to be.  It is very likely not something you are failing to do, but something you have done wrong.

We have been offering the $100 look under the hood for about a year now.  This is where we take a quick look at your listing and your position and your website and make sure you aren't doing something wrong.  I can tell you for sure:  You are doing something wrong.  It might be minor.  It might be major.  But it is hurting your ranking now, and it may hurt you more in the future.

Most of the mistakes have to do with consistent NAP (name address phone number) over all your web presence, but it could be something as simple as the way you describe yourself in the listing document. 

How you will know you are doing something wrong.  Make changes one at a time.  See if there is any change in status.  Look at everything with fresh eyes.  Or hire us for $100.  :  )

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deepakw3c said...

I'll miss your posts - I've found so much here to make me think.
I look forward to reading whatever you find to share again once you've had a chance to recharge.
In the meantime, don't worry about not being "the perfect blogger"
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