Saturday, December 17, 2011

Optimize Google Places 2012 - A List of Suggestions for Google - Part 1 - Content???

Here is the first of my Suggestions for Google Places for 2012.  These guys have all the money and some of the smartest folks on the planet working for them.  I totally appreciate that the undertaking of becoming a world wide Yellow Pages for every business in the world is daunting.  I also want to give Google Places credit for having made some excellent changes in 2011.  But it just seems like some of the following would be obvious.  If you want to follow the list over the next few days or weeks, be sure to subscribe.

Number One:  I thought that the key to everything about Google was "content is king."  If content is the key to search, why is Google Places paying less and less attention to the supplied content of the business owners?  How hard would it be to add this to the interface?  Why do business owners and consultants even both to add all the great stuff in the detail section if it isn't going to have any visibility?

In a similar vein, why is the description limited to 200 characters?  Between Title Tags, Twitter, and the description on Google Places, I feel like I'm back in high school doing Haiku.

And shouldn't the content supplied by the owner be a major influencer on where the listing can be found?  In fact, it would seem that descriptions and details would be a stronger signal than the categories which require another convoluted and consternating method for assigning relevant information about a "place."

So Google Places.  Any chance of making content a driver of this tool?

If you have idea for how Google could change, improve, evolve, share them here.  If you think I'm write or wrong or redic, don't hesitate to share you comments.

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