Thursday, December 22, 2011

Optimize Google Places 2012 - A List of Suggestions for Google - Part 4 - Transfer of Ownership

Current official instructions from Google Places state that there is no way to transfer ownership from one Google Account to another.  This presents huge issues.  Many folks set up their Google Places before they know this, and attach it to their Google Account with their personal email and personal YouTube account.  Now they want to sell the store.  Whoops!

Sure, the GooglePlacesSphere has spoken loudly about this.  So how could the poor sap who owns the local pizza shop have not known.  Here's my question.  Why is it such a big deal to allow transfer of the Google Places from one Google Account to another?

Now, just for fun or something.  Let me tell you that the other day an account decided to try an experiment.  They removed their Google Places account from their Google Account.  Then they immediately claimed it on another account.  It worked and the kept all the reviews.

Any one else try this and have it work or not work?????

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Steve Levin said...

Even though your listing gets the reviews and all that stuff, there's a bigger problem. When you create a "new" account for the listing, apparently it works. But it only works for a little while and then it drops. This is because some part of the listing encoding remains in limbo. That part is not under the new account neither the old one but it's there. Any one has experimented this issue? How can I possibly transfer a listing without all this mess?