Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Optimize Google Places 2012 - A List of Suggestions for Google - Part 3 - Social Media??

Am I confused.  Some certainly think my politics are?  But can we all agree on this.  Google wants us to talk to each other online.  Google+, Google Voice, YouTube, Blogger, GMail and more are part of the supposed Google effort to connect us all.

Then please explain to me why Google Places has no place to put your social media links.  Not even the ones owned by Google.  You can add the links to the detail section at the bottom, but Google isn't showing anyone those details anymore.  Not sure why they are there or why we go to so much trouble to fill them out.

So, can I get an Amen to the idea that we need Google Places to add an easy way to link Google+, YouTube Channel, Blogger, FaceBook, Linkedin, and Twitter?  And can these be in an attractive iconic form like they appear on the most rudimentary website?

AGREE?  Or tell me to get a life.

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