Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Restaurant Marketing With Google Places - Outside on the MAP is Critical

Google Places for Restaurant Marketing should be a top priority for all who hope to compete in any local market.  And after you've done all the basics outlined on this blog in the PAGES section, you will need to really step up the effort on Reviews, Coupons, and Citations.  Everyone in the local search engine business agrees that you will need to get more and more reviews on Yelp, CitySearch, YellowPages.com and other local search engines if you want to compete.  In the restaurant business you also need listings and reviews in the specific Restaurant directories, and you need to be front and center on the mobile device listings.  This is a tall order, but your future could well depend on it.

But the big deal is being outside on the MAP.  Getting that position will actually depend on getting those reviews, citations, and having an active coupon.  Methods for getting reviews will be the subject of an upcoming post.  

For most restaurants, spending several $1000 dollars per month on print, radio, AdPac, etc., is pretty much the minimum you can do.  For just $1000 to $2000 you can really get a ton of permanent online positioning that will last for years to come.  You can do it yourself by reading these pages and subscribing to these posts, or you can get it done by a pro.  If you're inclined to just get it done, call 310-910-1848. 

A great website with excellent local SEO is a big part of the way you get on the outside MAP.  Local SEO is one of our specialties.  

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