Monday, April 26, 2010

More Rants RE: Google Places - Flagged and Pending Listings

To date I have created about 250 Google Places Listings.  These have been done one at a time for clients.  Each one has been labored over like the launch of a new product.  For some of my clients, such as plumbers, carpet cleaners, and restaurants, getting on the outside (page 1) of Google Places map is a very big deal.

In the course of so many submissions, I have also scoured the internet to learn as much as I can about what others are doing and saying on forums, blogs, websites and so forth.  I have emails coming to me all day from Google Feeds alerting me to any news regarding Places.  In other words, when I put up a Google Places Listing, I know what I'm doing.  No bragging here.  Just truth in plain words.

In fact, I only give that introduction because with all that background, sometimes I get flagged.  Sometimes I get Flagged.  I go back and change things.  I take it down and put it back up.  I wait...and wait.... and wait some more.

C'mon.  This is just irritating.  Imagine if it's your first experience.  Surely if the robot is clever enough to flag the account while it does a content check, it is clever enough to indicate what content it is checking. There has to be some way for the user to get an update.

I don't happen to be paying for any adwords or be involved with adsense.  I have heard that if you are in contact with a sales person, you can sometimes get straight answers of get your problems resolved.  I guess that's fair.  Pay to play.

Of course, this is not the only odd result on Google Places, but it is by far the most irritating to me.  What about you?

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