Monday, April 1, 2013

Mortgage Broker SEO and Google+ Marketing

How Can You Get Your Phone Ringing with Google+ and Google Places

"Randy's efforts as my marketing director have been critical in raising me above the mass of seemingly indistinguishable Mortgage Brokers to become a top producer in one of the largest firms in Los Angeles.
As people increasingly use the web to seek professional help, he manages to keep me at the forefront of every key search engine. His knowledge of the internet goes well beyond typical SEO and website design. He is constantly researching what sites people rely on, and, more importantly, how the various browsers and search engines alter their algorithms that direct everyone's choices. His in-depth understanding leads to strategies that keep me always ahead of the curve. This on-going activity is vital for anyone who wishes to remain on top of the ever-evolving internet."
Bill Rayman - Mortgage Capital 
With Bill having recently been interviewed by and KKLA radio in Los Angeles, he is so busy he may not take your call.  Just kidding.  Call him.  You can find him listed #2 under Mortgage Broker Los Angeles or number 1 under the Wilshire Blvd zip code 90025.

Please note that due to territorial integrity, I will not work simultaneously for another mortgage broker in California.

What About My Approach Is Different from 1000 other SEO Guys?

Let me give you just a few of the ways.  I: 
  • only take on 20 clients at any given time
  • answer the phone.  Nobody else.
  • have a team of six writers, designers, and web developers
  • am graduate of UCLA Law School
  • have always been 100% white hat and a content developer
  • base the online approach on:
    • blogging
    • YouTube
    • GooglePlaces Google+
    • LinkedIn and other social media
    • Website
  • work all aspects of traditional marketing, too
  • understand that GooglePlaces Google+ is key to calls
  • have worked with hundreds of clients
  • have 35 years of experience running my own companies
  • have 7 published books about business - two by Warner Business Books
  • charge only $975 a month (does not include website work)
  • Have no contract - prefer minimum four month commitment
I have two openings as of the date posted on this blog.  I do have several prospects that might take those spots.  However, I do keep a waiting list when I'm full.  If you would like to check out my work, it is pretty easy.  You are on a blog that will give you a taste of my writing and blogging skills.  But if you'd like to learn more about my business capabilities, check out my resume, and also go to one of my other blogs

You may call me most days 8:00 - 8:00 West Coast Time at 310-910-1848 or email me at
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Clifford Logan said...

Google plus also become effective strategy to develop brand and sales of your business. And most of the small business are now start using it to get good feedback.