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General Contractor SEO and Social Media in 2013

How to Double Your Sales Doing Custom Home Building and Remodeling Using Online Marketing

I removed the city, but it is a major metro
I got the call about 18 months ago from a contractor.  That would put us at about the 3rd quarter of 2011.  He had been in the general contracting business for 15 years at that point, and was really struggling.  He wanted me to help him with his internet presence.  Since that's what I do in the main, and he could almost afford my rates, we decided to see if we could build up his business. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, Mike was on the phone with me.  I asked him how 2013 was going.  He was trying to figure out how he could get it all done before 10:00 at night, just to turn around and be back at it at 6:00 in the morning.  His sales had doubled in 2012 over 2011 and his profits had tripled.  Now he was discussing the details with me of how he should take it to the next level. 

Take a look at his Google Places (Google+, Google Maps) rankings on some of his key words.  This might give you some idea of why he's doing so well. Did we get those numbers overnight.  No.  This is a competitive business in a competitive city.  Contractors are willing to spend to get good rankings.  But we did slowly but surely move this client into this position, and he is doing quite well. 

This blog has a couple of hundred posts and pages.  They tell you just exactly how to get the same results I did.  Some things are changing in a pretty major way, but you still fill out the basics the same way it is described here on this site.  Reviews still matter...a lot.  Citations are critical.  On page SEO on your website is critical.  Social media including Google+ is becoming more important by the day. 

Then there are another 96 or so important factors that aren't as important as these four.  I try to cover all of them and update you as much as I can here on this teaching site.  But there is a lot more to Mike's success than Google Places.

We created a great website for him, and a blog where we post three times per week.  Then there's his Linkedin site where we are working to get him at least 500 relevant connections.  We have shot a bunch of videos for him, and just recently set up a Pinterest site.  We also discuss traditional marketing ideas like local home shows, truck signage, fliers, customer service, networking in the community, and, oh yeah, who should he hire next to grow his business even more. 

If you think your contracting business could benefit from some of these kinds of efforts, give me a call.  310-910-1848.  Ask for Randy Kirk

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