Friday, August 17, 2012

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The Secret of Social Media Marketing May Be in the Integration - part 1

We all come to our aha moments in different ways, and many who read this post may think that for such a so-called expert on Google Places and online marketing, that I am sadly behind the curve on the power of social media.  Or maybe not.  Most social media experts that I've followed tend to be very interested in one or two of the above, but not so much the possible linkage. 

As a marketer who believes in an all of the above approach, slowly but surely I've been weaving together strategies designed to maximize and optimize all of these and point them toward websites.  And secondarily, from all of those and off line activity, generate email lists for traditional businesses that provide a more personal link with the client.

I suppose the strategies and tactics that I'm referring to could also be applied to affiliate marketers, but that crowd seems to always be chasing the latest thing, and not carefully plotting a long term strategy.  So, this series is more about product and service providers.

Certainly Traffic Geyser is one that has most of what I'm talking about working for them.  But I have actually ended my relationship with TG with a very fond memory of what I learned, but I don't think they have quite the right overall approach either.

Over the next few days I will lay out a plan that might be good for some of you small business owners.  Not a huge amount of work after the set up is complete.  But results that should actually make the phone ring.  And I will be very interested to get feedback about how much of what i'm suggesting is wrong, old news, underdeveloped, etc.  I'll start the story tomorrow with my new appreciation for Linked In.  Maybe the stock market got it right giving them the high valuation and Facebook not so much.  

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