Friday, August 31, 2012

Linked in May Now Be the Second Most Important "Directory" Next To Google Places

Setting up the Profile on Your Linkedin Account for Best Results

Over the course of the next week or so, I am going to give a detailed tutorial on Linkedin as it stands today after major new products have been introduced.  In Linkedin you now have a truly robust business environment where you can tell your story like no place outside of your own website or blog.  With the addition of the company page and product pages within the company page, and the expansion of the profile, you can create a massive commentary on your personal and business capabilities.

if you would really like to fully follow the materials presented over the next week, may I offer you the opportunity to connect with me on Facebook so that everything is open to you to see how I have done my own site.  To be certain that you get my correct Linkedin site (there are a lot of Randy Kirks) past this shortened url into your address bar.

Once there send me an invitation and I will connect with you.  Then, if you like what I've written about this process or have enjoyed other aspects of my blogs or books, I would certainly be appreciative of your writing a recommendation. 

Next, go to the link for my company page and follow that page at 

Finally, check out one of my product pages at the short url 

We will start with the next post on this subject to set up your profile page in a way that will be more likely to be found on Linkedin search and Google Web Search.  The changes recommended will also result in a greater likelihood that folks who come to your profile page will decide to do business.  If you don't want to miss these coming tutorials, you may want to subscribe right now.

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