Monday, July 16, 2012

Ranking on Google+ Local & Google Places - #8 Claim Your Listing

Google Places Listing Claimed or Verified - #8 Factor in Ranking for Google+ Local and Google Places Page

As I've been working on this new July 2012 Google+ Local ranking factor list, I have become more and more amazed at how Google manages to be the overlord of so much of the internet while simultaneously being the most confusing entity in any business environment.  With regard to the unfortunate local business owner who is trying to get found on a Google search and whose revenue and livelihood require that he be found, he is faced with the following:

Google Everything Search - Must be here.  But as a blended search, depending on the keywords that are being searched, the company might best get a high ranking as a website, places listing, blog or blog post, video, press release, article, or as a listing on a yellow page or other directory.
Depending on the keywords there may or may not be a "Places" listing at all on Everything Search.

Specific Google Searches such as Places, Maps, Blogs, or News - Certainly need to be on Places and Maps.  Some consumers do go to these two as search tools.

Google+ Local - Currently only accessible from within Google+ dashboard - A business owner will show up here if he is has a Places listing or a Google+ Page.

Google Places - Still the name of the search engine on the Google Search page.  Ranking system here seems to be about the same as it has been since April 2012.  You can claim and alter the content through the Google Places tool and dashboard.  No one is quite sure how long this will be true.

Google Maps - A different search on Google Search for consumers to find you.  Content slightly different than places, and some of that content can be changed by anyone. 

Sorry for the rant.  Your ranking on Google+ Local, Google Places, Maps, and any Google Places results that show on the Everything Search are effected by all the ten things we are covering in this series.  One of those ranking factors is the claiming of your Google Places listing.  This can be done as follows:

Claim your listing on Google+ Local which for these purposes is still the same as Google Places

    •    Access the Google Account that you wish to use as your business account.  This will generally be a different account than any personal account or separate business account.
    •    Go to and click the Get Started Now button.  Follow the instructions and fill out as much of the information as possible, following the methods described in great detail on this blog.
    •    You may be offered an option to claim you listing by verifying the telephone number.  In many, if not most cases, you will be sent a postcard with a code that you will use for verification.

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