Monday, July 9, 2012

Marketing Consultants With Plumbers as Clients Should Check Out My Emergency App

If you are a Marketing Consultants with a plumbing company as a client, you should check out My Emergency App

Plumbers need a way to get around the pressure of ranking number 1 on Google!

As a marketing consultant helping small local businesses with SEO, SEM, and other online efforts to improve visibility and traffic, I completely understand the expense and difficult of getting to the top of Google Places, Google Everything Search, Google+ Local, and even PPC.  I also understand that these issues are particularly important for all emergency service providers, including plumbers. 

With the advent of apps, one might think that a plumber could circumvent Google, Yelp, and the rest by having their customers add an app to their phone for the plumber.  Unfortunately, unless you have had a very different experience than I have, consumers are not going to put a plumber app on their phone for the occasional need.  And if they did, it would be buried and forgotten about. 

We have found a way to get that plumber on the front page of the phone app screen.  We do it by compiling all emergency services onto one app called My Emergency App.  As seen on the accompanying screen, the plumber is one of 20 icons on a screen that looks just like the app screen on the phone.  The consumer can add their own personal emergency numbers to four of the locations, where the rest are zip code specific and provide the very best local service providers. 

If you have a plumber for a client, or any of the other eleven on the screen, give us a call at 888-519-9122 or email at

You can also learn more about the opportunity at or by watching a video at


Lexington Plumber MA said...

You are taking a very good step for every plumber.Thanks for introducing this useful application.

Lexington Plumber MA said...

Thats great...You are provide the best marketing solution for plumbing.